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Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements

  • All candidates must be at least eighteen (18) years of age before enrolling. 

  • All candidates must have a valid government issued picture ID and a Social Security card 

  • All candidates must possess at a minimum a High School Diploma (High School Transcripts showing graduation date), or copy of General Education Diploma (GED). Foreign graduates in addition must present certified English translation of required documents and evaluation confirming that the documents meet U.S. equivalency. 

  • All candidates must be interviewed by an admission's representative and/or program director to review and discuss the program and prerequisites needed for enrollment.

  • All candidates must complete and sign pre-enrollment documents.

  • All candidates must sign the Enrollment Agreement and pay the appropriate application/registration fees. 

  • Specific Program's enrollment requirements may vary. College Degree, College Credits, Admission's Assessment beam, Health Clearance and Immunizations, Cleared Background Check, Negative Drug Screening Results may be required prior to the program acceptance. 

Advanced Placement/ Experiential Learning Policy

Students with credits from previous accredited programs may be eligible for Advanced Placement at designated periods within a specific program. Official transcripts will be evaluated upon receipt by the faculty and Educational Director. 

Experiential Learning for mastery of Medical Terminology from previous occupational experience may allow a perspective student to challenge Medical Terminology through examination. It is recommended that the curriculum be continuous and Medical Terminology be the initial course, even if the purpose is to reinforce knowledge. 

Returning and Transfering Student's Policy 

Medical Career Institute allows students to return and/or transfer to a different program provided students were not dismissed from the school. Although not guaranteed, returning and/or transferring students may seek a tuition waver allowance for completed courses, however, they will have to attend all of the new program's classes. There are no attendance exemptions. 
Only courses completed within one year of the new program start date and congruent to the new program curriculum will be considered. The new program admissions criteria and requirements will apply. The final decision of acceptance or rejection of the returning and/or transferring students is made by the Program Director. 

ADA Compliance Policy 

Medical Career Institute complies with the guidelines set forth in the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. Individuals with special needs are allowed to apply to any of the programs offered by the Medical Career Institute. However, applications of candidates who indicate that they cannot meet one or more of the "Physical and Technical Standards" expected in the healthcare industry will be specifically reviewed and considered by the Medical Career Institute's Review Committee which includes the Educational School Director, the Program Director, Faculty, Clinical Coordinator and/or Career Counselor. The Review Committee will determine if reasonable accommodations are possible to facilitate successful completion of the program in preparation for the national credentialing examination, the clinical lab and externship training. 


In its review of the applicant the Review Committee will determine if there are reasonable accommodations available for the applicant which will not create an undue hardship to the Medical Career Institute including but is not limited to making a fundamental alteration in the nature of the training activities program or in unwarranted financial or administrative burden. 
Applicant will be notified in writing of the decision of the Review Committee generally within fourteen (14) calendar days of the submission of the full and complete Special Accommodation Request Form. The decision of the Review Committee is final. 


Transferability of Credits and/or Clock Hours

Medical Career Institute uses clock hours and quarter credit hours (see specific program outline) for providing transcripts of all completed courses. However, decision regarding the transferability of issued credit hours for completed courses is at the discretion of the receiving institution. Medical Career Institute does not provide assurance as to the transferability of credits earned. Students seeking to transfer course credits from other accredited educational institutions are responsible for having Official Transcripts forwarded to Medical Career Institute for review. Only courses completed within the last five years and congruent to the selected program for which the student has earned a grade of “C” or above will be evaluated. Submission of school catalog or course syllabus for a review may also be required. The Educational Director makes the final decision as to the acceptance of course transferability.


Reasonable Accommodations Policy

Medical Career Institute, Inc. as an Equal Opportunity Employer and educational training institution does not discriminate against individuals on the basis of special needs as long as the special needs do not limit the applicant in properly providing the necessary and appropriate level of care to patients and will be able to do so without creating a safety hazard to themselves or others, including patients. Applicants with special needs are required to complete a Special Accommodation Request form which is provided by the school.

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