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MCI COVID-19 Protocols are approved as part of the schools re-opening plan, through the accrediting and governing bodies.

MCI healthcare programs require in-person hands on training with active participation in the classroom, lab, and clinical externship.

Despite the protocols and efforts in place, MCI understands that students are still concerned about their safety and COVID-19 exposure. Students who are concerned with participating in the classroom, lab and clinical externship are encouraged to speak with school administration to discuss alternative options such as a Leave of Absence (LOA). Please see the front office for more information.


  • Mask Requirements:  All students and faculty are required to wear masks indoors. Make sure the mask fits to cover your nose, mouth, and chin. This means, the mask should not be slipping off your face and your nose being exposed. 


  • Temperature Screening: The temperature sensor device is located outside of the main front office to be used daily by students, faculty, staff, and visitors. The device is programmed to set an alarm off if the temperature is 100. 


  • Cleaning:  Custodian provides cleaning for the first and second floor of the building regularly.


  • Disinfecting Spray: Each classroom includes disinfecting spray bottles. Students & faculty may use the disinfecting spray as often as preferred. 


  • Handwashing: Students, faculty and staff should increase the frequency of handwashing.


  • Hand Sanitizer: Each classroom includes 1 gallon of hand sanitizer.


  • Clear Partitions: Each classroom includes clear partitions. CDC recommends clear partitions combined with proper mask wearing in school settings where physical distancing is not possible. 


  • Lunch Room: Lunch room is closed.


  • IF YOU ARE SICK: If you are sick or have any symptoms that may be of concern – do not report to class and notify your instructor through e-mail or phone immediately for the next steps.

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